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How to graduate to business - Emphasis

How to graduate to business How to graduate to business Youve spent the past three or four years writing essays and reports, and now youre in your first professional job and ready to start writing for business. But does your degree have you covered? Well, yes and no, writes Cathy Relf. The good news is that because youve developed good analytical and organisational skills, youll be well versed in sorting your ideas into separate sections or chapters, and supporting your arguments with facts, figures and evidence. The bad news is that the style and structure of academic writing varies hugely from the style and structure youll need to adopt for professional business writing. Whereas academic writing tends to be wordy, expansive and, well, a little dull, business writing needs to be lively, straight to the point and immediately engaging. Follow these three steps to shake off the academic shackles and bring out your business voice. 1. Engage your reader immediately The biggest difference between writing for university and writing for work is that, at work, no ones obliged to be interested. Interested though they surely were, your lecturers were paid to read your essays. However verbose the style or tenuous the argument, they had to pay attention to every sentence on every page, right through to the bitter end. In the professional world, no one will do that unless you hook them in at the start and keep them interested. You have to earn and then retain your readers attention at every step. Luckily, theres a radical yet simple change you can make that will instantly improve your ability to engage the reader. At university, you probably laid out all your evidence and information first, and followed them with a conclusion at the end. In business, you generally need to get to the point right at the start youre not discussing the topic, youre offering your expert opinion and backing it up with hard evidence. Heres a simple, four-point formula for grabbing your readers attention and getting straight down to business. a) Outline the context Establish the common ground between you and your reader, in no more than a line or two. b) Describe the trigger Explain why you are writing this now. What is it that has changed or must change? Again, keep this to just a line, two at the maximum. c) Ask a question Raise an action-orientated question, such as How do we prevent this?, How do we prepare for this? or How do we reduce the cost of this? d) Give the answer Answer the question with your recommendation or key finding, giving a complete solution in no more than 25 words. Now you have their attention. Use the rest of your document to explain how and why you have arrived at this recommendation. 2. Take your brain for a pint Remember all those student nights you spent trying to make your words of wisdom heard above the combined noise of a bad DJ, 30 drunken friends and the call of tequila? They werent wasted. The rest of your document should comprise organised sections or chapters that back up the recommendation you made in step 1. Before you start writing each section, imagine you had 30 seconds to tell it to a friend in a noisy pub. Itll help you do the following three things naturally: a) Use everyday words and as few as possible The more directly your reader can understand you, the better. So cross out ameliorate, expeditious, and promulgate and replace them with improve, fast and issue. And do you really need to say in order to, rather than to? Could you cut down in the field of to in? Is eliminate altogether really more effective than just eliminate? Go through your draft and remove any words that arent pulling their weight. The clearer your writing is, the clearer your message. b) Be active, not passive As a general rule, use active verbs, rather than passive. It keeps your writing lively, direct, personal and accountable. Just put the doer at the start of the sentence. So instead of writing it is hoped that the project will be completed in December, write we hope to complete the project in December. c) Prefer verbs to nouns Verbs are more direct than nouns. So when youre editing your work, cut out nominalisations such as achieve cost reductions and undertake the implementation of and replace them with reduce costs and implement or, simply, do. 3. Focus on your formatting Good formatting can make such a difference to the clarity of your document. There are few things as off-putting as pages of block text. Well-formatted text is kinder on the eye, easier to navigate and more memorable. a) Keep it short and simple Dont try to cram too much into your sentences. Break them down so that each sentence deals with just one idea, and link your ideas logically. Its fine to start a sentence with and or but if it helps clarify your message. Similarly, its not unusual to see suffocatingly long paragraphs in academic writing. But in business writing, youll need to be more succinct. Vary the length of your paragraphs, but try not to go beyond five sentences in each. And if you have a particularly important sentence, dont be shy of giving it a paragraph all to itself. b) Use engaging headings and sub-headings Use regular, clear headings and sub-headings to break up the text. Avoid label-style headings, and instead use explicit ones that sum up the section. This helps the reader find sections most appropriate to them, and also makes it easy for them to refer back to relevant sections later. c) Put a bullet in it When youre writing a list of points that can speak for themselves, use bullets or numbers. They will stand out much better than if you cram them all into a paragraph of text, and its easier on the readers eye. d) Would a graph work better? When writing about data, figures and processes, ask yourself whether a graph, pie chart or diagram could communicate the same information more effectively. Keep this checklist handy when youre writing your documents, and soon it will begin to become habit. And if youd like practical training in applying these techniques (and many more), why not get us in to train your team, or book a place on one of our High-impact business writing courses in London?

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Social policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Social policy - Essay Example The activities of discrimination by the social workers towards the travellers fall under the category of institutional discrimination. In order to prevent the undesired activities of discrimination that has led to the increase of harassment and distress in the course of livelihood of the travellers, the social policy on the adoption of anti-discriminatory practices have been formulated. The social policy has influenced changes in the approach of the social workers that have prompted them to undertake activities that advocated the rights of the travellers to attain equal access to public resources. The National Association of Social Workers is the largest body of association of professional worker that was founded in the year of 1955. The international organization for social work consists of around 130000 workers belonging to various communities of United States and other parts of the world. The social workers have the mission of promoting the best practices in the field of social work by engaging deeply with the individuals and their families living in the communities and understanding their needs and areas of deprivation (Acton, 2007, p.62). The purpose of the social workers is directed at protecting the best interest of the communities and its individual members and families through dedicated activities and advocating the cause of protection of the community members in the areas in which they lack. The activities of the social workers are guided by their objectives of continuously working to improve the living conditions of the members and the families in the society (Adam son and Donovan, 2005, p.38). This has been achieved through the application of professional knowledge and skills necessary for offering better social services to the communities. The National Association of Social Workers also desires to increase the professional knowledge and skills through the process of field

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Interaction between Information Systems (ISIT) and business strategies Essay

Interaction between Information Systems (ISIT) and business strategies in an Banking organisation - Essay Example The study will use case studies where a sample size of 10 banks will be randomly selected in London and used for the purpose of study. For data collection, face to face interview will be conducted with the general manager and the IS manager of these banks. An observational check list will be used to collect information to assess the effectiveness of the model in each bank. Data will be collected over a period of one month. The data collected will be analyzed using simple analytical means of percentages, means and deviation and later subjected to regression analysis. The study will assume that the sample selected will be a representative of the whole population and that researcher will secure appointments with the managers. With the world turning to a global village, the world financial sector is under pressure to catch up with the new developments. Having been a conservative economic sector confined to their indigenous areas of operation, banks are facing pressure with increasing competition. Many banks have resulted to expansion strategies in order to serve their customers wherever they travel in this dynamic world. This has posed a challenge to many banks in terms of coordination of its services. Many other banks have resulted to mergers in order to have an international presence. Ideally, all banks have resulted to expansion strategy in one way or another. Due to large area of operation, banks have been faced with a problem of coordinating all their braches or merger partners. Banking industry has been in the front line in embracing the ever changing face of information system in order to coordinate their services well. But at the same time, many banks have found that embracing information systems may not stream line their services as intended. They have found information system has come up with its own woes. In some banks it has been found to be too expensive, cumbersome and creating a lot of inconveniences. It has lead to a lot of frauds which has led to losses to many financial institutions. This research aims at investigating how banks are implementing their information system, the reason for turning to information system, and the challenges they are facing in implementation of the strategy. The research hopes to compare information systems strategies in different banks to show models which have succeeded and which have failed in order to provide banks with resource material which they can refer if they want to implement a new IS strategy or to upgrade their existing one. Statement of the problem Many financial institutions have found it difficult to keep up with the changing demand of the banking sector in wake up of globalization. They have been faced with numerous challenges in streamlining their operations and relationship with their customers. Having resulted to new strategies using IS, many of them have found that the systems are not that efficient and they are faced with the same problem of efficiently. Purpose of the study The study aims at proving a critical comparison of different IS models that are being used in the banking sector today to provide resources information for the banking sector on the most efficient models as it will have studied. It aims at giving

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Annabel Lee as a Representative of Poe’s Poems Essay Example for Free

Annabel Lee as a Representative of Poe’s Poems Essay Annabel Lee as a representative of Poe’s poems about death of beautiful maidens Its always a little hard to separate the life of the legendary Poe from his works. In this case, there are some striking similarities. „Annabel Leeâ€Å" is the last complete poem written by Poe, published shortly after his death in 1849. Like many of Poes poems including The Raven, Ulalume, and To One in Paradiseâ€Å", it explores the theme of the death of a beautiful woman, â€Å"the most poetical topic in the world, according to Poe. In particular, although the poems stanzas have a somewhat irregular length and structure, the rhyme scheme continually emphasizes the three words me, Lee, and sea, enforcing the linked nature of these concepts within the poem while giving the poem a song-like sound. The work shows Poes frequent fixation with the Romantic image of a beautiful woman who has died too young unexpectedly. As indicated more thoroughly in his short story The Oval Portrait, Poe often associated death with the freezing and capturing of beauty, and many of his heroines reach the pinnacle of loveliness on their deathbed. The narrator, who fell in love with Annabel Lee when they were young, retains his love for her even after her death. Most people agree that Edgar Allan Poe wrote Annabel Lee about his departed wife, Virginia, who died of tuberculosis two years earlier. Some critics, however, contend that in the seventh line of the poem he states, I was a child and she was a child, and he certainly was no child in 1836 at twenty-seven when he married his thirteen-year-old bride. Maybe the poem is about an earlier love, or perhaps it is purely fictional, but addressing Annabel Lee as his life and his bride in line thirty-eight and writing it two years after his beloved young wifes death, it seems only logical that it is indeed written about her and is simply embroidered with a bit of poetic license. Local legend in Charleston, South Carolina tells the story of a sailor who met a woman named Annabel Lee. Her father disapproved of the pairing and the two met privately in a graveyard before the sailors ti me stationed in Charleston was up. While away, he heard of Annabels death from yellow fever, but her father would not allow him at the funeral. Because he did not know her exact burial location, he instead kept vigil in the cemetery where they had often secretly met. There is no evidence that Edgar Allan Poe had heard of this legend, but some insist it was his inspiration. The poem focuses on an ideal love which is unusually strong. In fact, the narrators actions show that he not only loves Annabel Lee, but he worships her, something he can only do after her death. The poem specifically mentions the youth of the unnamed narrator and especially of Annabel Lee, and it celebrates child-like emotions in a way consistent with the ideals of the Romantic era. Many Romantics from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries viewed adulthood as a corruption of the purer instincts of childhood, and they preferred nature to society because they considered it to be a better and more instinctive state. Accordingly, Poe treats the narrators childhood love for Annabel Lee as fuller and more eternal than the love of adults. Annabel Lee is gentle and persistent in her love, and she has no complex emotions. He explains that angels murdered her. His repetition of this assertion suggests he is trying to rationalize his own excessive feelings of loss. In Annabel Lee the speaker argues in lines eleven and twelve that the angels were jealous of the happy couple: the winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me. The envious angels, he insists, caused the wind to chill his bride and seize her life. However, he contends, their love, stronger than the love of the older or wiser couples, can never be conquered: And neither the angles in heaven above, Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. (lines 33-36) Unlike The Raven, in which the narrator believes he will nevermore be reunited with his love, Annabel Lee says the two will be together again, as not even demons can ever dissever their souls. The first time that death gets mentioned in the poem: A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; (lines 15-16) The speaker doesnt say she died. Actually, he never uses the word death in this poem at all. The speaker maintains that this world of dream remains even after the death of his bride: For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee (33-6). The poems setting has several Gothic elements, as the kingdom by the sea is lonely and in an undefined but mysterious location. Poe does not describe the setting with any specificity, and he weaves a misty, romantic atmosphere around the kingdom until he ends by offering the severe and horrific image of a sepulchre there by the sea. At the same time, the nostalgic tone and the Gothic background serve to repeat the image of a love that outlasts all pposition, from the spiritual jealousy of the angels to the physical barrier of death. Although Annabel Lee has died, the narrator can still see her bright eyes, an image of her soul and of the spark of life that gives a promise of a future meeting between the two lovers. The image invoked by this poem is of enduring love. Both this everlasting love and the conclusion of the poem leave the speaker lying on the grave of his departed wife: And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side Of my darling-my darling-my life and my bride, In the sepulchre there by the sea, In her tomb by the sounding sea (37-41). As in the case of a number of Poes male protagonists who mourn the premature death of beloved women, the love of narrator of Annabel Lee goes beyond simple adoration to a more bizarre attachment. Whereas Annabel Lee seems to have loved him in a simple, if nonsexual, manner, the protagonist has mentally sacred her. He blames everyone but himself for her death, pointing at the conspiracy of angels with nature and at the show of paternalism inherent in her highborn kinsmen who came and bore her away, and he remains dependent upon her memory. While the narrator of the poem Ulalume suffers from an unconscious need to grieve and to return to Ulalumes grave, the narrator of Annabel Lee chooses ironically to lie down and sleep next to a woman who is herself lying down by the sea. Refferences: A History of American Literature: Then and Now, Radojka Vukcevic, Podgorica, 2005 The Cambridge Companion to Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Kevin J. Hayes. Cambridge University Press, 2002

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Conrads Intent In Heart Of Darkness :: essays research papers

Distilling the Darkness   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In analysis of Heart of Darkness, much is made of Conrad’s intentions in telling his tale. People search for a moral lesson, a strict social commentary, an absolution for the evil of the dark jungle. It isn’t there, and that’s not the point.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In works of philosophy (like The Republic), or works of political theory (like Socialism: Utopian and Scientific), or works of natural science (like The Origin of Species), this sifting of important and clear ideas from the mess and confusion of experience is what writers like Plato, Darwin, or Engels are doing. They experience the world in all its messy confusion, and then they attempt to abstract from the mess, by careful selection, a system of ordering principles which other people can comprehend and make use of. In more figurative words, they are trying to shed the light of intelligence upon the darkness of experience.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As, primarily, students and teachers, we naturally look for the conveyance of such ideas in any material we encounter. We miss that books like Heart of Darkness are fundamentally different in intent and we continue searching for that lesson from which to make a rational response to the story.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Even literary professionals seem often to fall into the error of neglecting or misunderstanding the novelist's purpose. Consider, for example, the criticism leveled against Heart of Darkness by Paul O'Prey in his introduction to the Penguin edition. He writes: â€Å"It is an irony that the ‘failures’ of Marlow and Kurtz are paralleled by a corresponding failure of Conrad's technique--brilliant though it is--as the vast abstract darkness he imagines exceeds his capacity to analyze and dramatize it, and the very inability to portray the story's central subject, the ‘unimaginable’, the ‘impenetrable’ (evil, emptiness, mystery or whatever) becomes a central theme.†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Mr. O'Prey's sentence is somewhat impenetrable itself, but his complaint is that Conrad wants to evoke an abstract notion of darkness, but he doesn't manage to adequately define it or analyze it. He then goes on to quote, approvingly, another critic, James Guetti, who complains that Marlow â€Å"never gets below the surface,† and is â€Å"denied the final self-knowledge that Kurtz had.†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In other words, according to Mr. O'Prey and Mr. Guetti, Conrad has somehow failed in his attempt to delineate the horror that is Kurtz's final vision, failed to penetrate the darkness that Marlow evokes, failed to give a precise name and shape to the dark and tragic human condition. Mr. O'Prey and Mr. Guetti want, as all good academics want, clarity, definition, intellectual coherence, order, a well-stated and well-argued thesis; they

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Geological Hazard

Geological Hazards are naturally occurring or man-made geologic conditions capable of causing injuries or other health impacts, loss of property damage, loss of livelihoods and services, social and economic disruption, or environmental damage. It had been divided into many types. The two main types of man-made geological hazards are collapsing of buildings and forest fire which happening recently. Now, I’m going to talk about the collapsing of buildings first. The structure of a building actually is fundamental to ensuring the safety of people in or around the existing buildings. However, human’s ignorance, negligence and greed lead to building collapse. Human ignorance has to do with when incompetent personnel are in charge of design, construction or inspection. One of the major areas of negligence is in specification writing where that of a past project is adopted without crosschecking those areas that need improvement, addition or omission. Greed on the part of building contractors like diversion of building materials, cement in particular, the use of sub- standard materials so as to achieve high profit. Moreover, foundation problems, quality management, material and testing variability and unprofessional conduct will also leads to building collapse. The effect of building collapse are the innocent citizens lost their life, many other people has been rendered permanent disable in one form or the other as a result of increasing rate of building collapse in the country. Economic problem of this incidence is immeasurable in that many have been rendered homeless with loss of countless properties. Here is the true incident which happens in Bangladesh when 24 April 2013. At least 76 garment workers have been confirmed dead in Bangladesh after an eight-story building containing clothing manufacturing units collapsed. Moreover, this is another true incident collapse of a 20-metre lighting arrester pole from the UMNO building in Jalan Macalister during a storm and caused casualties is the best example of fallen misfortune which happen on 15 June, 2013 at Penang. It is a man-made disaster, instead of a natural disaster or accident. And a person had been killed in this incident. The other man-made geographical hazard is forest fire. Forests are important to us and our environment, their benefits cannot be measured. Without forests humans cannot survive. Fires can have a positive or negative effect on forests; and its impact on forest health and dynamic change greatly in different ecosystems. Fires are sometimes essential for forest regeneration but also harmful if it is repeated systematically in the same area. Forest fires have terrible environmental, social and economic consequences. The causes of forest fire are including drought, human carelessness, lightning, heat waves, slash and burn farming. The most common cause nowadays is probably due to drought. Tropical forests are quite sensitive to temperature change, thus long dry seasons and higher temperatures can severely damage a healthy forest and leads to forest fire. The next common cause is probably lightning and the last major cause of forest fires is to open oil palm plantation for own benefits. The main consequence of forest fire will be releasing of carbon dioxide which will affect our health and it increases the atmospheric pollution. Furthermore, an increase in carbon dioxide means an increase in global warming. When global warming rise the â€Å"Greenhouse† phenomenon will being increases also. Other than that, shelter for animals is not provided anymore. Animals are immediately affected when they are killed at the duration of fire and indirectly when no more food is available. Lastly, the forest products will be destroyed, such as wood, food and medicines. Recently, smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has choked neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, prompting Singaporean officials to press Jakarta for urgent action against the haze that has pushed the city-state’s air pollution to the worst level in 16 years. Its main air pollution index hit a measurement of 401 at midday Friday, exceeding previous highs of 371 on Thursday and 321 on Wednesday. Those measurements were classified as â€Å"hazardous† and can aggravate respiratory ailments. The reason why the firm burn the forest is to open oil palm plantation for own benefits but they didn’t consider for other.

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The Prices Of College Tuitions - 967 Words

The trend continues with the skyrocketing prices of college tuitions. This is not an uncommon issue the days of college tuition being affordable are slowly fading into the past. This conundrum has brought to light the idea of using tax money to help pay tuition. This idea has vast potential, but can it reach its potential. This is an issue that affects many people thus there is a multitude of literature on the issues of tax money being used for tuition. The literature ranges from an online to radio and through these mediums will provide the views on this issue. That range from the college and the use of funding from sports to the student. (NEEDS HEADING) Rise in tuition is often seen as a school trying to gauge as much as money as they can from the students. A view most forgotten in this argument is that of the school. The school has to have money to feed the students and house the students plus teach them. Those three things are a necessity for the students. Schools would face lawsuit after lawsuit if they failed to feed the students. The school also has to pay its employees and hire new ones that leave. The online article best value schools provide a view from a schools stance by informing the reader on issues schools face. The author points out the common issues. The more students the more money needed to support them and if a school wants to make money it will take as many as it can get (unknown). The schools also rely on government funding to help defray some of theShow MoreRelatedThe Price Of College Tuition1162 Words   |  5 PagesWe’re at a point of our high school career when we are looking at colleges and thinking about possible careers we want to pursue in the near future. But has the price tag on certain colleges have you thinking â€Å"I can’t afford that†, and made you look the other way? Well, I am here today to show you that the price of college tuition is an investment and will benefit you in your future careers. My opponent here might say that college costs have been increasing, or prestigious universities have pricedRead MoreRising Tuition Pri ces1384 Words   |  6 Pagesorder to get a good paying job, a college degree is required. More people are attending college in order to get better paying jobs, but is going to college worth a good job with rising tuitions across the nation? According to College Board, from 2002-2003 to 2012-2013, the average tuition and fees for a private institution rose about an average of 2.4% every year. As tuition prices increases every year, it affects millions of college students. It affects college students who have to use governmentRead MoreThe Cost of Tuition Among Colleges and Universities in Highly Diversified and Indefinite926 Words   |  4 PagesThe cost of tuition among colleges and universities is highly diversified and indefinite. Students shouldn’t be financial problems that are associated with the high tuition cost for their education because it creates unnecessary stress and financial problems. The student’s primary concern should be their academic performance a nd learning. The tuition fee includes extracurricular expenses such as lifestyle amenities that may not be essential toward the student education yet they are still being chargedRead MoreAmerican University Should Seriously Consider Lowering Tuition Costs892 Words   |  4 Pages The price of a Soft Taco Supreme at Taco Bell is $1.49. The price of attending New York University (NYU) is about $61,997 (Jacobs, 2013). That is approximately 41,609 Soft Taco Supremes from Taco Bell, enough to feed someone for 38 years if they ate one for every meal. While most universities in the USA do not cost quite as much as NYU, tuition is still very high, even for in-state public schools. If tuition continues to rise, the amount of students that cannot afford to go to college will increaseRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Paid?884 Words   |  4 PagesIn America college tuition has quadrupled in the last 35 years. College administrators like to tell the story that baby boomers paid their college tuition from the money they made during summer break. A few years later colleges decided to raise tuition price because people wanted to get a college degree. Colleges were seeing that people wanted to go to college they decided to raise the prices and make business out of it. In Germany, however college tuition is free, and by doing this Germany getsRead MoreThe Tuition Increase Affected Enrollment Rate1473 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Board of Ursinus College, raised its tuition from $19,331 to $23,460. This turned out to be a 17.6% increase. Surprisingly, the tuition increase proved to be a positive change for Ursinus College. The college received more than 200 applicants than its previous year (Brickley, Smith and Zimmerman, 2009, p. 110). Other regional institutions such as University of Notre Dame, Bryn Mawr College and Rice University also experienced a similar trend once they increased their tuition rates (Brickley, SmithRead MoreDriving The Cost Of Higher Education1063 Words   |  5 PagesDriving the Cost of Higher Education It seems as though the correct step for young people to follow after high school is college. We are constantly told that if we wish to be successful, then we must get a degree. However, with the rising costs, it’s seeming like fewer people are willing or able to take the next step into higher education. Cries about the sheer insanity of the rising costs blur into a cacophony of anger and frustration. The discussion of whether it’s even worth the cost have alsoRead MoreAffordability Of Our Education : Is A College Education Worth The Cost?1729 Words   |  7 Pagesfew decades the tuition fee for most public and private colleges increased by 250 percent while income increased by 16 percent (Politico, 2013). The statistics have since then become a trend that has now evolved each year, hence; making it difficult for parents to send their children to school that can cause them to miss out on great opportunities (Dorfman, 2013). According to Justine Draeger (2009) â€Å"W ith the cost of college rising, many have asked a central question: Is a college education worthRead MoreCollege Tuition1075 Words   |  5 Pagesacknowledged them through correct documentation.† Student Loans Today college tuition prices are rising. Paying for college can often be a stressful responsibility. A college education is very important for many students, but when stressing on how to pay for college gets in the way, it becomes more of a burden. Kim Clark effectively states the rising prices of college tuition in her article, â€Å"The Surprising Causes of Those College Tuition Hikes.† Clark states that the cost of attending a public universityRead MoreTuition Increases at University of Pennsylvania962 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1914, the tuition cost to go to the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School estimated at about $150 with a general fee of $10. This does not include other expenses such as room and board- which estimated to $180 and textbooks- estimated to $10. It is now 2014, one century later, and the tuition cost to go the exact university and school is $40,594, general fee of $3,772, technology fee of $716, and a recreation fee of $324. Once more, this d oes not include the expenses of residence halls